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Buzz - Express Service

Buzz - Express Service

Relancer’s BUZZ Services (RBS), as a young industry, are currently experiencing a rapid growth to fulfill the increasing demand. With the aims of being fast, safe, controllable and traceable, RBS have developed a quite different quick service network and systems in our working process. The purpose of this study was to describes RBS quick service, like the spoke-hub paradigm, as well as the way of RBS processing.

Relancer’s BUZZ Services (RBS), a large quick service and quick delivery service plays an important role in this market at the current situation. Its significant part, RBS is always assuring the Express Delivery and Quick Service (Relancer’s Technician will attend the complaint in 24 working hours).

In the end, development suggestions to improve the company’s network and services and conquer the current challenges are given. The clients expect faster, safer and more reliable RBS services with a good customer service to meet your different requirements and growing demand.

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